Product Version: 3.8.8
App Language: All Languages
Cost: Free
Made By: Shareit Technologies
Review Score: 98%
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ShareIt Review

What is Shareit?

ShareIt is one of the best and easiest way to share files on your PC or mobile device. It works with almost any device (iOS, Android, desktop, windows or mac).

Shareit is simple to use, does what it claims to do and helps you automatically copy, share and backup your precious content.

App Description

After installation the app from the well know app stores, the only thing you need to do is to select the type of content that you would like to share. You can share videos, photos, directories, or any type of file that you have on any of your device.

Next up, you choose the recipient, and it just goes there. On the other side of things, the receiving side needs to click on “receive” on his or her platform to actually receive the files.

Shareit is a leading app and probably the fastest way to transfer files between devices.

ShareIt features :

  • Transfer between mobile/desktop/mac/tablet at will
  • One of the easiest mobile-pc backup solutions available, just drag and drop all files/photos/videos to your pc for safe keeping
  • Share files of any size
  • No MB/GB restrictions whatsoever
  • Share on Wifi/Mobile data.┬áMuch faster than Blootooth
  • Super easy to install the shareit APK
  • Millions of users worldwide